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Past public events

ARUA third biennial conference, 19 November 2021 Final keynote address by ACEIR director, Prof Murray Leibbrandt, on Planning for inclusive growth: What did the COVID-19 pandemic teach us?', with input from Ghana node convener (Prof Robert Osei) and Kenya node convener (Prof Damiano Manda) [recording]
ARUA third biennial conference, 19 November 2021 Early career workshop on climate change, inequality, and health [recording]
Webinar, 26 November 2021 COP26 outcomes & relevance for research on transformative climate action to reduce social inequality [recording]
ARUA third biennial conference, 15 November 2021 Plenary session presentation by ACEIR Ghana convener, Prof Robert Osei, on 'Post-COVID growth, poverty and inequality in Africa' [recording]
Webinar, 26 August 2021 Gender inequalities in asset ownership and energy access [recording]
Dissemination workshop, 23 July 2021 Impact of fiscal action on poverty and inequality in Kenya [recording]
Report launch, 12 July 2021 Inequality Diagnostics and Trends for Kenya, 2020 [recording]
Webinar, 25 May 2025 Recent trends and patterns in spatial and national inequalities in sub-Saharan Africa 
Webinar, 21 May 2021 Adaptation interventions and their effect on vulnerability in developing countries [recording]
Webinar, 29 April 2021 Climate risk, poverty and inequality [recording]
Conference, 23 March 2021 African inequalities [recording] and Tools for inequality strategies [recording], EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities - final conference [all session recordings]
Webinar, 15 February 2021 Multidimensional poverty and climate change [recording]
Webinar, 11 December 2020 South African inequalities and Piketty’s “Capital and Ideology” [recording]
Webinar, 30 November 2020 Understanding energy systems models  [recording]
Report launch, 27 November 2020 Inequality Diagnostics for Ghana report [launch highlights video]
Webinar, 27 November 2020 An intertwined approach to equity and sustainability in the Anthropocene [recording]
Webinar, 17 November 2020 EC-Oxfam-AFDAECID: Multidimensional inequalities: embedding inequality reduction into development cooperation. How do we do it? [recording]
Webinar, 16 November 2020 Using mixed methods to analyse the experiences of precarity [recording]
Webinar, 14 September 2020 Climate change response options [recording]
Webinar, 9 June 2020 Repurposing social assistance as emergency relief
[working paper]
Webinar, 1 June 2020 EU-AFD Research Facility on Inequalities: Earnings inequality over the life course in South Africa [recording]
Stakeholder engagement, 11 February 2020 Inequality Trends Report: A multidimensional diagnostic of inequality in South Africa [article]
Report launch, 14 November 2019 Inequality Trends in South Africa: A multidimensional diagnostic of inequality [media release]
Seminar, 30 October 2019 Trade-offs between climate action and poverty reduction [presentation]
Seminar, 24 September 2019 Global health and the HIV response in the SDG era [article]
Seminar, 21 August 2019 The SDGs in South Africa: why transitions are always the hardest part [article]